Florence and the Machine – Between Two Lungs (music CD)



The WML has recently acquired a copy of the audio CD “Between two lungs” by Florence and the Machine”. Released November 15, 2010 it is not an altogether new album, indeed some have said, and with some validity , that it is a crass capitalization to make money by adding a second disc to a genuinely phenomenal debut CD [although Lady Gaga did it with overwhelming success with The Fame Monster…]. I would disagree.  And, those who would make such a charge miss the point, the point is oddly enough not about the music. The point is one of format or rather the transition from the outdated Phillips/Sony CD format to the MP3 format of the now ubiquitous iPod. This is the format of the future, actually of the now, as the audio CD is rapidly passing away in popularity. Talk to you son, daughter, niece, nephew or grandkids.

 Nevertheless, Florence and the Machine have been very busy this year with touring and TV appearances including one with great acclaim on Letterman here in America. “Lungs” has captivated the progressive music world. And made some listeners rather obsessive. So much so that there has been a loud clamour for more Florence. Easier said than done. It takes an astonishing amount of time to write, practice, record, mix, produce and compile a music album, even in 2010. And that is even before you must make and distribute the thing.

 Between Two Lung’s bridges a gap between a wholly new album, no doubt in order to appease rabid fans and the original disc. And to introduce the band to new listeners, old and young. One noted track from “Between” is “Heavy in your arms” which achieved considerable notoriety earlier this year with its inclusion as the second song in the closing sequence of the incredibly successful Twilight film trilogy “Eclipse”. And “Heavy” it is pure Florence. Which means her unique voice and her strangely contradictory brightly dark [or darkly bright] lyrics. Which is to simply say marvelous. Another great piece is an incongruous track, actually a remix of her signature, “You’ve got the love” with the British rapper Dizzee Rascal titled, very much tongue in cheek, “You’ve got the Dirtee love”. The style of which seems to be all the rage in the UK and gives an interesting case of Florence singing at 33 1/3 and Dizzee at 78 as the music plays at 45 [rpm, as it were, for those of us who remember such things…]. All in all it is a great listen and a brilliant triumph for Florence Welch and her Machine.

bill littlefield


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