The Snowman – DVD



The WML has recently acquired an DVD of the classic animated film by Raymond Briggs “The Snowman”. Released in 1982 for the then new Channel 4 in the UK. The film has no words but it does have a hauntingly delightful song “Walking in the Air”.

 The story starts simply enough. On a snowy day, a boy in the UK, we presume in suburban England, builds a snowman. A familiar childhood activity certainly, but then a wondrous thing happens-the snowman comes to life! Be assured this is not the classic American story. It is not “Frosty”. This snowman does not speak, nor is he twee. This snowman can fly. And after being taken inside the boy’s house to look around, the boy and the snowman then fly over the English countryside and over the North Sea to the North Pole where with other snow-people, they pay a visit to “Father Christmas”.  The boy and the snowman then fly back to the boys house.

 I will not disclose the rest. It is enough to say that this has become a winter-time classic. The film itself is only 26 minutes long. But it is a full 26 minutes. It is a fine story for little children and adults as well who perhaps have not entirely forgotten what it was once to be a child. The animation is certainly not Disney quality, but that is not entirely a bad thing. I find it a highly pleasing and enjoyable story. And it is one of those things which makes this time of the year so very memorable. For it is has a rare quality, for it is magic.

 bill littlefield


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