The Constant by I Blame Coco — music CD



“The constant” is the debut album by the English alternative [electro-pop/reggae] band “I blame Coco”. Coco is the nickname of Eliot Pauline Sumner who is one of Sting’s [formerly of the Police] daughters. The album [alas] has had less than stellar reviews. Nor is it a big hit. But it does have three noted tracks. “Caesar”, “Self machine” and a version of Neil Young’s “Only lover can break your heart “ from 1970. This is an interesting album. It is a compilation of diverse songs. I use the word diverse with a precise meaning. Most music albums are a collection of, for the most part, similar material. Diverse implies differing from one another, and this one does so nicely. It is as though an attempt was consciously made to see how different the songs could be. I believe that they have done very well.

I Blame Coco have also been opening for the English synth-pop band La Roux this last year. As such one should not be surprised to learn that if you are going to work and be in close proximity to another band you will hear their work. Elly Jackson [of La Roux] has paid what is perhaps the ultimate compliment to another artist by remixing “Self machine” and including it onto her album “Sidetracked”. Coco herself upon hearing Elly’s version for the first time was so delighted that [we are told] she, Coco, begged Elly to include it in her, Elly’s, upcoming disc. Which Elly did.  I highly recommend listening to both versions. Riveting.

At 20 years old Ms Sumner has a lot of potential, a memorably husky voice and I believe a true talent for thoughtful and touching lyrics. If I may say hardly a self machine. I wish her well and hope for more in the not too distant future.      

bill littlefield


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