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The Dog Stars, by Peter Heller

September 15, 2012

[lesley] ¬†Pretty much everyone has felt that The Road by McCarthy was the last word on the post-apocalyptic novel, but then along comes Peter Heller with something fresh. Written in an unusual, abridged stream of consciousness style format, the prose is lean and strong. The main character has managed to remember some of the positive aspects of his life before the disaster with a sense of longing – he reads, cooks, tends his garden, and daily flies a perimeter with his canine co-pilot. ¬†But, unable to escape a haunting message picked up years earlier on his Cessna’s radio, he chooses, one day, to fly away from the safety of his new home, past the point of no return, risking everything, to discover the source of the mysterious transmission. This is a great book that manages to encompass both the bleakness of The Road and the innate hope that some humans seem to maintain even in the face of unimaginable hardships.

Available as an ebook and audiobook on LIbby/Overdrive

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