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Forever, by Pete Hamill

July 21, 2014

[Lesley] I checked this out from the library because I couldn’t believe that journalist Pete Hamill had written a fantasy novel*. I’m really glad I did. His writing is straightforward but doesn’t dismiss the lyrical and mystical elements in the story. Both Ireland and NYC are described intimately and the history that Cormac lives through in New York City is astonishingly related. This was a great read – one of those fantasies that doesn’t read like fantasy.

*Shameless plug: I was perusing the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section to prepare for an “intro” to that part of the collection, recommending some great books you might not be familiar with, that is happening on Monday, July 28 at 11 a.m. You can sign up on our events calendar or just drop in!

Available on audio on Hoopla