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The Library at Mount Char, by Scott Hawkins

February 8, 2016

[Lesley]  This book knocked my socks off! Not only was the story very original and creative, a couple of twists near the end really kept me surprised and engaged. The characters are both archetypal and unique and this is storytelling at its best.  A “family” of librarians (not exactly in the way the word is generally used), each an expert in his or her own subject area (war, death, healing, languages, animals, mathematics, etc.) is left without leadership when their adopted father (basically, none of the words you think you understand mean exactly what you think they mean!) cannot be found and they can’t reenter the library that is their home. Enemies are everywhere and anywhere, even in their midst, and some average (well, maybe not so average) folks are caught up in the unfolding story.

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