Macbeth, by Jo Nesbo


[Lesley]  I haven’t read any Jo Nesbo books before; not really my genre. I *had* to read this one though as an installment in the Hogarth Shakespeare series. Loved it. Now that I have read it, I can’t imagine a better modernization of Macbeth. Nesbo is clearly a master of gritty, politically-charged, psychological thrillers. The relentless hurtling to the inevitable end is very much what I remember from the Shakespeare play; you just want the characters to stop making choices that are going to end in more pain and death but they don’t. And the brew. Evil, but only in that it amplifies the cruelty, greed, and violence already inside people. We see that those who aren’t addicted also are cruel, selfish, and violent, they may just be more inhibited or circumspect than those who are.

Other titles in the Hogarth Shakespeare project:

About Hogarth Shakespeare: The Hogarth Shakespeare project sees Shakespeare’s works retold by acclaimed and bestselling novelists of today.



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