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Children of Blood and Bone / Tomi Adeyemi

April 24, 2019


This book is the first in a YA (young adult) fantasy trilogy (I seem to be really into fantasy trilogies recently). It is the first novel by this Nigerian-American author, and she has done some fantastic world-building in this book. Adeyemi weaves in aspects of West African mythology to create the world of Orisha, where there is rising tension between the oppressed maji, and the Kingdom that has outlawed magic and nearly destroyed the maji population. The book deals with issues of oppression and prejudice, as well as teenage struggles of identity and young love. I particularly liked the friendship between the two main characters -Zelie and Amari – a maji and a royal respectively – young women from very different backgrounds who are each interesting and strong in their own ways.

The book is violent at times, and occasionally a little predictable, but it is really engrossing, and the audiobook is excellent. The book ends on a pretty major cliff hanger, but the second one is due out late 2019 so there won’t be too long to wait.

Children of Blood and Bone is available as an audiobook on Hoopla

Read it again, Sam

April 11, 2019


“Read a lot. Expect something big, something exalting or deepening from a book. No book is worth reading that isn’t worth re-reading.”
― Susan Sontag

“A good book is like really loved item at a really good restaurant, every time you go there you order it to see if it tastes like you remember, only to find out it is even BETTER than you remembered!” 
― K.A Cameron

I love to read something new: a great recommendation for a book just out, the next book in a series that I’ve been waiting for, a surprise topic discovered on library shelves by serendipity. I have found that I also enjoy re-reading books I have loved.

It’s not something I have always done regularly. I have books I have read several times but they are few (Wuthering Heights, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, On the Road, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Catcher in the Rye). For a long time I felt that there are just too many books to read to take time re-reading things. I was so wrong!

Over the past few years I have mixed it up. I still read mostly new-to-me books whether newly published or just something I haven’t read before. I re-read a few titles each year as well though. Hardly a waste of time that could be spent on the new titles, re-reading is like reading on steroids. While the text of the book is the same, you – the reader – are not. The rewards can be astounding in what you learn about who you were and are, finding layers of emotion, thought, illumination that you could only discover on a later reading.

Some of my re-reads in the last year:
To Kill a Mockingbird Audio version available on Hoopla
Ender’s Game Audio version available on Libby/Overdrive
Anna Karenina Ebook and audio versions available on Hoopla
For Lack of a Calling
The Golden Compass Audiobook available on Libby/Overdrive
The Art of Possibility