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The Last Train to London by Meg Waite Clayton

April 24, 2020

[Recommended by both Vero and Mary-Ellen]

Mary-Ellen:  I’m not sure what drew me to read The Last Train to London by Meg Waite Clayton.  I typically find it hard to read books centered around World War II, due to the heart-wrenching pain and horror of that time. I am, however, so glad I chose to read this book. Although historical fiction, it centers on the true story of Truus Wijsmuller, who risked her life to smuggle endangered children out of Germany and other Nazi-occupied countries. It brings to light this amazing woman and demonstrates how seemingly ordinary people can perform great acts of courage and kindness. 

Veronique:  Tante Truus’ s selfless actions saved countless young Jewish lives before most people realized the danger of the rise of Adolf Eichmann’ s “ Final Solution Of the Jewish Question” in Eastern Europe. Truus, a Dutch resistant, Zofie-Helene and Stefan are all heroes of this novel, and represent the thousands of bigger than life real heroes of these dark times. I’ ve read countless books about this time in history in multiple languages, and am always wary at first of a fiction novel, as too many always tend to romanticize real history. I feel it is more important than ever to disseminate the truth about history. I felt this novel accurately depicted facts that took place while at the same time making it easy to read and kept you wanting more.

You can read The Last Train to London on Hoopla and on Libby/Overdrive.

The Last Train to London

Staff Picks Hall of Fame Author: Alafair Burke!

April 24, 2020

Did you know that suspense author Alafair Burke has been recommended by 3 different staff members on this blog? Back in 2016 Cindy recommended The Ex, saying “A great courtroom thriller/mystery.  I read a review of this book and was intrigued and plunged in.  This book is inhabited by some very interesting characters and not many of them are that likable!  Even so,  the story is so well told and fast paced, you just can’t put it down.  This was the first novel I read by this author and will definitely be back for more.”

Mary-Ellen recommended The Better Sister as one of the best books she’s read in the past few months, and Karen included The Wife as one of her favorites this year.

You can find The Ex on Hoopla and Libby/Overdrive.

Title details for The Ex by Alafair Burke - Wait list

Find The Better Sister on Hoopla and Libby/Overdrive.

The Better Sister

Find The Wife on Hoopla and Libby/Overdrive.

Title details for The Wife by Alafair Burke - Wait list

Did you know that Alafair Burke is the daughter of suspense author James Lee Burke? You can find James Lee Burke’s on Hoopla and Libby/Overdrive too!