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The Opposite of Spoiled, by Ron Lieber

May 5, 2015

[Lesley] This is a straightforward look at talking with your kids about money. Lieber includes some practical examples of how to deal with allowance, saving, family decisions, etc. but the real value I found was the discussion about the need to talk honestly with kids about all kinds of topics relating to money: what we make, how and why we make decisions about what to buy when, giving, delayed gratification… His approach to allowance wasn’t new to me (don’t use allowance as a reward for chores that kids should be doing as contributing family members) but his thoughtful explanation of why he thinks that way and what consequences result from different methods was illuminating. Not everything in the book felt applicable to me but I appreciated his approach and have been more conscious of how I talk about money with my daughter.

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The Opposite of Spoiled

Bringing Up Bebe, by Pamela Druckerman

October 16, 2012

[Lesley] I liked this book much more than I was expecting to. Of course, I wish I had read it when my daughter was a bit younger 🙂 Still, I found the principles of parenting (which are so culturally ingrained – as ours are) to make a lot of sense and to be so respectful of everyone in and around the family. “The Pause” (giving babies the opportunity to self-soothe) would have been very useful during that first year, and the way food is presented is so much more civilized than the way we do it in our house. I’m not sure I completely understand the parental authorite (or how to achieve it myself), but I definitely admire it. I have seen myself the benefit in a child’s autonomie being allowed to blossom. It would certainly be easier to apply some of these parenting techniques (or ways of life) being surrounded by them and having them experienced by your child at a creche (like daycare) or maternelle (preschool), but I’m hoping that I can use some of them with the kiddo (if it’s not too late!).

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Cinderella Ate My Daughter, by Peggy Orenstein

April 7, 2011

[Lesley]      Great look at a particular part of our culture…  Are we giving girls real choices (I can be a firefighter or a princess), or are we giving them limited choices (I can be a princess… but only a Disney princess)?  I appreciated the sections on gender development and whether liking pink and becoming extremely girlish is necessary within the greater discussion of marketing and early-sexualization of girls.  What I liked most is the author’s own confusion and mixed-feelings about what to do with her own daughter.

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Bad Mother, by Ayelet Waldman

June 2, 2010


Can you tell I was on vacation last week, catching up on my reading??  I really enjoyed and identified with this book.  Waldman received a lot of feedback (negative and positive) to a NY Times Magazine essay in which she said that she loved her husband more than she loved her children.  The resulting comments & discussions got her thinking about the Bad Mother/Good Mother dichotomy in our society and where most of us fit and try to fit in.  These 18 chapters cover various parts of motherhood and societal views.  At the same time, it’s funny, poignant, real-life and well-written.

Bad Mother: A Chronicle of Maternal Crimes, Minor Calamities, and Occasional Moments of Grace